Snapfish Coupons and Special Offers

snapfishSnapfish, a division of one of the largest technology companies, HP, is the number one online photo service on the Web. It boasts over 90 million members worldwide, in 22 countries, and hosts 2 billion photos on its online servers. Snapfish is able to deliver the best value in printing and sharing photography in over 18 languages and is continually working to expand this network all over the globe so that all can enjoy the many features of photo sharing and editing that Snapfish has to offer.

Getting started with Snapfish is easy. Creating an account is absolutely free. This review will further explore the many options that Snapfish coupons can offer to its users and the online photography world.

Photo Sharing Made Easy + Coupons

Snapfish provides the free and easy to use program PictureMover so users can quickly import all their photos and videos online in a few clicks. Pictures can even be uploaded from mobile devices to make sharing them easier. Users can send their friends and family an email or link that invites them to view their photos, and this link can be accessed 24/7. This takes out all the clutter of attaching files to emails, which can be too big, too small, or take too long to download.

Albums can hold over hundreds of pictures, whereas most emails will only let a user attach a few photos at a time. Albums can even be customized with themes, and there is a slideshow feature as well for easy viewing. There is no limit to the size, look, and feel of each individual Snapfish album.

Scancafe – Saving Old Prints

Many households have old prints, negatives, and slides that have yet to be printed or that are beginning to fade. Snapfishs Scancafe handles the work of preserving photos and protecting precious heirlooms. Families are able to relive memories the way they were meant to be seen, at the time that the photos themselves were taken.

All photos are scanned by hand at extremely high resolution at the Scancafe facility. Any damages, such as scratches and color fading, will also be repaired by hand by one of the many Scancafe experts. These photos will then be uploaded digitally to a Snapfish account, where they can be viewed and shared instantly on the Web. All of the original photos and slides are shipped back to the client via UPS and come with a free CD or DVD of the scans for personal use.

Scancafe has been rated as one of the best scanning services and is known for its peoples great attention to detail. In comparison to the local store, Scancafe is also significantly cheaper, with prices starting at 35 cents per print.

Photo Tuneups for the Photoshop Challenged

Its simple to turn a good photo into a great photo with Snapfishs editing tools. There are a wide range of tools, from the basics”crop, remove red eye, and autocorrect”to more advanced things like borders, tints, and other special effects. Theres no need to hire a professional or buy software to take care of these things because Snapfish gives users the ability to edit photos directly in the browser, saving time, money, and most of all, enhancing the user experience.

From Digital to the next Dimension

There are probably hundreds of pictures that hide in the depths of peoples computer hard drives, waiting to be developed. Snapfish coupon codes can change all of that by offering prints at prices starting at 9 cents. Prints are easy to order online, and friends and family can order prints of users photos as well. In addition to prints, there are also many other options, such as cards, mugs, posters, flip books, canvas prints, stationary, calendars, and so much more. All of these are easily ordered online and are a great addition as home decor or as gifts.

Snapfish has teamed up with the most popular retailers in the country to allow its customers to pick up their orders as well. Users simply place their order, choose their local store, and their gifts can be ready as soon as later that day. Snapfish currently has pick-up locations at Walmart, Walgreens, Meier, and Duane Reade.

Turning Photos into Cash

For users that are talented photographers and designers, there are two options available to actually make money from Scanfish. The first option is Snapfish Publisher. Users can create card designs for other users and earn commission based on when the designs are used. This system allows users direct access into the Snapfish customer base, which is 90 million members strong. There is absolutely no fee to register or submit any designs, making it really easy to jumpstart a potential income with Snapfish promo codes.

Snapfish Stock Images is also another easy way to make a little bit of extra income. Photographers can submit their photos to the stock photography database, which allows the photos to be used for magazines, advertising campaigns, marketing ads, and on other websites on the Internet. Photographers can earn up to 60% in royalty payments, which is double the average market for other websites. For those that have never worked with stock photography before, Snapfish also offers webinars and sessions. In order to upload images on Snapfish, there is a small annual fee of 12 dollars.

Conclusion for Snapfish Coupon Promo Codes

Snapfish is an extremely successful company that truly allows its users to imagine it, create it, and share it.” It is continually expanding all over the world and is changing the way people share their memories and photos with each other. This company started in the United States, and it is now available to users in the Asian Pacific, literally across the world. The company has adapted incredibly to the times and even has Twitter and Facebook accounts that garner many followers, thus making it simpler to share the enthusiasm and success of the company.

The user experience is suited to all types of users because of the many things that Snapfish is able to do. The service effectively allows users to share their digital photos while also offering an outlet to those who have old prints and would like to make the switch to digital. There is even an opportunity to make money through Snapfish.